Shorewood Industries designed and engineered a system that attaches to the wall and uses heavy duty metal standards and 1/4" HDF Pegboard. This allows the use of pegboard fixtures as well as shelves and hangrail fixtures.

Shorewood Industries manufactures a number of different stock and custom counters depending on the customer's needs. We have the ability to design and manufacture different materials, finishes, and counter options.


Shorewood Industries offers Gondola and Gondola shelving which is an easy way to display product in any store.

Shorewood Industries stocks a variety of different tool holders to be used in pegboard and on hangrails. We have the ability to create new tool holders to properly display almost any tool.


Shorewood Industries has designed and engineered many shelves over the past 30 years. We offer metal and plastic shelves to fit nearly every customer need. All shelves have the ability to fit in wall systems and gondola.

Shorewood Industries offers a variety of Hangrails to display product. Hangrails are heavy duty bars made in a variety of depths to display product using the "Waterfall Effect." Hangrail hooks and other fixtures can be placed on the hangrails.


Shorewood Industries offers a variety of hooks for pegboard and hangrails. Peg hooks can be used to display smaller retail items while hang hooks offer more flexibility and strength.
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